Development of fingers, hands and eyes motor skills

Manual activities such as cutting, weaving, sewing, hammering etc. Train finger dexteriities, palms, hands and hand-eye coordinations


Learn the basics of self-care
The development of fine movements is a sound foundation to to children's self-acualization, self-care and learning abilities. From the age of 0, it is necessary to plan to develop the child's ability to pursue, grab, grasp, pinch, etc. A child who start early in developing fine movements can take care of himself or herself in the future. Learn all kinds of skills with confidence, and develop his potentials and interests.

Fin motor skills

Problem solving with available resources - Constructive

Systematic process steps or methods in using various materials to create individual concepts, ideas or impressions.
Oportunity to practice and actualize ideas.


Learn to be proactive
Train your child's abilty to learn to use natural resources around him or her. To understand the problem and the ability to find a solution in a step-by-step manner.
Operational construction activities can not only foster a proactive attitude but also develop subtle observations. At the same time, it can also develop the child's sense of direction. The concept of three-dimensional space and the sensitivities to color and shape.


Through role play gain experience - Imaginative

Allow imagination to innovate through examples of animals, plants etc. With the toys, it allow repeats and work towards progress


Acquisition of interpersonal communication and empathy
At about 1 year of age, a child will start to pretend to drink with a cup; pretend to feed the doll; pretend to take milk from the refrigerator, pour milk, and then feed the doll while talking with the doll; dress up as a mom or dad or doctor or police...etc; with colleagues. A story that plays a real or imagined story. In the process, children develop language, emotions, and interpersonal communication and develop empathy.


Five senses coordination - Sensory /

The sensory stimulation of the senses namely; visual, listen, smell, touch (no taste) allow the child to explore the world. Through the planned exercises, they learn to integrate the sensory messages with the mind and control the body learning progression.

Learn to explore the environment
Movement development is the foundation of all developments. Brain growth and sensory movements are closely related. Children aged from 0-5 learn things through the interaction of senses, muscles and the environment, which is called “learning by doing”. For example, eight-month-old babies like to climb into various corners of their homes to create spatial awareness; one-year-old children like to put the toy in their mouth and use the mouth to understand the material, taste and hardness of toys.


Links of life, diet - Nature and Education

With sensory contacts coupled with observations. The children will recognize and explore things in their natural environments. This will alow them to internalize these experiences and build personal knowledge leading to self-worth and life attitudes.


Learn to respect nature
Nature is the best classroom for children's body and mind. The diversity of the natural environment can stimulate children's curiosity and guide the exploration of children's body and knowledge. The mystery of natural creation makes children learn humility and respect. The harmony of natural environment helps in the child's spiritual stability. In addition, accompanying children to observe natural changes, the four seasons, the growth of animals and plants or to plant plants and vegetables can further enable children to gain knowledge about "food" and strengthen the ability to choose "food" and then cultivate a sound diet concept and attitude towards life.

Nature and Education

Learn new things and propagate - Cognitive

Using the base foundation of knowledge, consciousness, memory, and values ​​to understand new things to further transform new learnings into usable capabilities.


Learning turns to knowledge - motivation
The importance of cognitive development can be described as "recycling". When children are in a rich learning environment, they can receive multiple stimuli. Learn new knowledge in various fields. Their cognitive ability can be improved. Therefore, with new knowledge, children can learned more efficiently. The new knowledge gained can in turn be a new driving force or motivation for learning. For example: Children must first learn the number of objects. The concept of "quantity" and "number" in order to understand the meaning of "numbers". Children who understand the meaning of "digital" are willing to count more numbers and can lead to mathematics.


The key to communication and expression - Language /

Learn and use the correct vocabulary as well as structured words to express your heart and mind clearly.
To be able to understand other people's expressions through words leading to better commjunication skills

Learn to express and cognitive thinking
Learning language is a child's nature. In order to interact with the world, they have a strong learning motivation. Because language is the most direct communication tool for expressing oneself and understanding others' meaning. Language is not only used to express self-needs but also from learning language, writing, literature to culture, it can help children to connect the world more widely and better understanding.

Language Communication

Create from nothing - Art

The ability to use different media to create intrinsic thoughts and emotions. Express emotions into visible, audible and tactile form. At the same time be able to feel and comprehend the creation of others.


Learn Frameless Creation and Imagination
Art transforms intrinsic intangible thoughts, emotions and creation into tangible and tangible feelings. This is the child's speechless expression. Art is also one of the ways to regulate emotions. Art creation can bring different satisfaction and joy to children. In the creative process, children can freely express their own ideas and develop their imagination and creativity without the concept of framework and the use of various skills.

Create from nothing --- Art

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